Political Philosophy

You can learn more about the author (me) at DavidBlomstrom.com.

Very briefly, I was born and raised in rural West Dakota, spent four years in the U.S. Navy, worked as a wildlife biologist in Alaska for almost a decade, then spent over a decade working as a teacher for the Seattle School District. My stint with Seattle Schools, which is notorious corrupt, opened my eyes to politics, transforming me into an activist and a student of political science, psychology, and philosophy.

Loosely speaking, I think of myself as a left-winger, though I despise American liberals. I’ve learned to look at the world around me from different perspectives.

This site is simply a platform to discuss philosophy and promote my philosophy-oriented books.

Why did I choose ithink.world for a domain name?

I wanted to select a domain name that matches the title of the book I’m working on. However, that was tough when I didn’t even have a working title for my book. I finally settled on Political Philosophy, but I couldn’t find any complementary domain names.

I am working on more books focusing on philosophy. In fact, philosophy is a major part of all my political books.

I may eventually think of a better domain name. Otherwise, I might eventually scrap this website and just put all my philosophical material on one of my other sites. I think.