Is anti-Jewism racist?

Israel rivals the U.S. as the most disgusting terrorist state in the world. Zionism—the kooky, arrogant religion that led to the creation of Israel—is equally disgusting.

However, anyone who criticizes Israel or Zionism is likely to be labeled “antisemitic,” a stupid, meaningless word adopted by Jewish propagandists who want to scramble people’s brains. Some Jews are indeed authentic Semites, but most Jews are not Semites, and most Semites aren’t Jews. A more logical term for the hatred of Jews is anti-Jewism.

To sidestep charges of anti-Jewism, many critics of Israel make a point of spelling out the fact that their only beef is with Zionism. In other words, Zionists (including many non-Jews) are bad people, but non-Zionist Jews are good people.

But what about the Jews who control Wall Street, which cruelly exploits millions of people around the world? What about the Jews who gave us modern gambling and pornography, the Jews who have long played a major role in the global drug trade, and the Jewish rapists and pedophiles who seek refuge in Israel when their victims blow the whistle on them?

Like it or not, believe it or not, there is probably more evil, corruption, and sleaze concentrated in the Jewish community than in any other race or ethnic group. This situation presumably derives largely from the fact that there is so much power concentrated among Jews, recalling the maxim power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Another problem is the Jews’ narcissistic religion. Ironically, the Jews may be the most racist tribe on the planet.

Not surprisingly, the situation is complex. Are there no good Jews? Even if the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves, was it fair that children were punished along with adults?

Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to discuss such details with Jews. It’s virtually impossible to have an intelligent discussion about any political topic with a Jew.

The destruction of Gaza says it all. Israeli Jews claimed Hamas killed 1,500 people, mostly Israelis, in a surprise attack on October 7, 2023. They later downgraded the death toll to 1,200, after which it was revealed that many of the victims were in fact killed by Israelis piloting helicopter gunships.

The grotesquely exaggerated reports of rape and torture were dutifully reported by Jewish media whores in the U.S. and other countries. Powerful Jewish business leaders warned that college students who criticize Israel or support the Palestinians will have a hard time finding a job when they graduate. The U.S. government, which is largely controlled by Jews, gave Israel billions of dollars and sent two aircraft carriers to help Israel carry out its genocide.

The destruction of Gaza is an extraordinary event that has played out so fast, we scarcely have time to catch our breath, let alone dance around the subtleties of racism. People need to hear the truth about the Jews, and the Jews who support the Palestinian genocide, along with bad Jews supporting mayhem around the world, need to be condemned. Much of this criticism takes the form of political slogans, which, unfortunately, aren’t well suited to the nuances of complex socio-political issues.

No one speaks out against Jewarchy (Jewish corruption) than I do. Yes, many people have called me racist, a charge I find humorous. First, I strive for truth and accuracy. Second, the Jews are the biggest racists on the planet themselves. Finally, most of the people who call me racist support the Jews. Most have voted for such racist leaders as Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Obama. Draw your own conclusion.

Looking at the big picture, calling a person who is anti-Jewish racist is similar to calling a bird that eats cockroaches a cockroach.

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